Dating royal doulton backstamps

09-Feb-2017 18:53

Most large Blue Ridge pieces are marked as Blue Ridge but some smaller ones are not. When Portmeirion bought the company in 2009, they retained the Royal Worcester Spode name.

Booths (Ltd) was established in 1891 and was located in Tunstall, England. Founded n 1947 by Bert Brock, the company closed in the mid 1950s. The Corning Corporation headquarters is located in Corning, New York (go figure!

Although used, the dinnerware pieces generally show little wear and tear.

I also offer a few foreign companies such as: Copeland, Royal Doulton, and Wedgwood.I have several books on Blue Ridge but I am always looking to identify the unknown patterns that I list.I have pieces from forty identifed patterns and a few unknowns that are listed under their shape.In 1948 the company joined Colclough China Ltd and became Booths and Colclough Ltd. What I find unique about most of Brock's dinnerware are the unusual shapes of the accessory pieces. ) One of its divisions is the Pyrex Corporation which would explain the close relationship between their dinnerware patterns (Corelle) and Pyrex kitchenware.

In 1955 the company Joined Ridgway and became Ridgway & Adderly, Booths & Colclough Ltd. Canonsburg Pottery was located in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania and in operation from 1901 to 1978. Look for patterns under Pyrex, Corning and James Bradley glassware.

So far I have only been able to find pieces in Thatch, Guinea Gold and Cola Brown. Any help in identifying this dinnerware would be appreciated!