Dating percussion rifles

30-Jan-2017 22:32

This rifle was a prize in a rifle match on 10th September 1861 shot for by the 1st Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers and won by James Anderson.

A superb percussion .451″ sporting or match prize rifle by Charles Ingram, Glasgow.

Very high quality and unusual in that the barrel is mounted so that the angle of the octagon lies along the sighting line.

I believe this is a feature unique to Ingram rifles.

As to the placement of proof house symbols, it depends upon the model of gun, and the level of embellishment, the latter often dictating a discrete location on the underside of the barrel or frame on highly engraved examples. The first is the provisional Gardone proof, consisting of a star surrounded by eight lands and grooves over a coat of arms featuring a hammer and anvil and crossed bayoneted rifles; the second is a star surround by eight lands and grooves over the capital letters PN.

All firearms produced in Italy since 1950, regardless of type, receive the first stamping.

LLI Pietta, Armi Sport, Davide Pedersoli, Armi San Paolo SRL (Euroarms), and Palmetto, which comprise the major Italian manufacturers currently in production.

Even though many of the Colt parts for the 2nd Generation, and all of the Colt parts for the 3rd Generation were cast in Italy, the guns were finished and assembled in the United States by Colt or the Colt Blackpowder Arms Company, and Colt pistols, regardless of the origin of their components, bear only Colt markings.The Whitney 1861 Navy Rifle, also known as the Plymouth or Whitney-Plymouth was designed from the recommendations of Captain John A. The .69 caliber muzzle loading rifle was developed and tested on board Dahlgren's ship, the U. Antique flintlock pistols and guns, no Licence is needed in the United Kingdom for any item on this website.Most use their logo, while some combine their name and logo, or use an abbreviation as their logo.