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Born and raised in Peru, Bozzo pursued a career in television at an early age in her quest to promote Peruvian culture around the world and to bring awareness of the situation many Latin Americans find themselves in, particularly the people of Peru, at the time.

The Señorita Laura, as she is popularly referred to by her followers, graduated at the top of her class from the University of Peru.

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As a recommendation from her lawyers, claiming that she was not a flight risk, Bozzo was placed on house arrest and allowed to continue working while the criminal investigation ensued.When asked who she thought was the current president of Peru, she paused, tilted her head slightly towards her speechwriter, and then proceeded to state the following: "I am being framed by the people of Peru after everything I have done for this country.I am being betrayed by the very people I swore to protect and help. " As a result of all accusations, Bozzo was placed under arrest and held on a million dollar bail.I am moving to Mexico, land of the free and home of the brave, where I will pursue a career as a successful TV personality who helps the Mexican people. " After this incident with the press, the rage among the people ignited and Bozzo was stormed out of her mansion in one of the most affluent neighborhoods of Lima.