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12-Jan-2017 01:44

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(Or, they want to marry someone like this — NYC is a very competitive place to find a husband but only because women recognize that the pickings are superior: Maximizing knows no bounds.) Wanting to be at the top of your field is not for everyone.

Business Week reports that eighty percent of generation Y thinks they are in the top ten percent of all workers.

You appreciate having access to the best of things.

Not everything — you probably have a few things that are really important to you.

He’s handsome, he’s wealthy, he knows his way around a cattle prod, hell, he knows his way around a few kinds of… There’s only one way to find out if you’ve got what it takes to date the billionaire bad boy, and it’s not reading all of EL James’ trilogy in one weird, rainy, and kinda sad weekend. The only way you can find out that information is by taking this quiz!

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Whether we like it or hate it,we have heard about it and even watched it. 'Cause you know, "We run the world" (Words by Beyonce, I do not own) So who is your soulmate?

Ryan, who lives and trains in Florida, also had a recent and much-publicised brush with royalty last weekend when he encountered Prince Harry at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, where the two men raced one another in the hotel pool.

More than 80% of young people say they want to live in New York City, according to Time Out New York. Non-maximizers can be satisfied with what they have. (Yes, maybe there are some things, like the best ski slope, that you cannot find there, but if that’s what you want most, you probably shouldn’t be in NYC.) I know you have heard that NYC is expensive.

You're Gohan, the shy Super Saiyan and son of Goku.

You may lack some passion when it comes to saving the world (or school or work), but you have an undeniably gentle heart and you'll stand up for your loved ones no matter what.

So New Yorkers constantly have to ask themselves: What am I paying so much for? Life in NYC is very hard (here’s funny commentary on that), and if you go to any city in the US, there is a bond that ex-New Yorkers have because they know they each understand how hard life was.

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