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30-Apr-2017 05:29

What is even more impressive is that she is entirely self taught!

Using different techniques from traditional pencils to digital paint tools, Mikiko creates amazing comics! She has also created an amazing mini comics series that we just have to share!

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Here are some of those people who couldn't give any less fu*ks.

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A man named Connor Zuvich found a discarded, stuffed tiger on the side of the road in Washington, so he did what anyone would do and strapped it to the roof of his car. Epic Dating Fails is a collection of stories, submitted by it's users, that bring to light the horrors of dating by publishing them onto the site.

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Something clicked, and I drew a comic strip detailing the actual news report.

Not long after I posted it online[...]." Rikke Asbjoern has created some hilarious comic illustration of what she likes to call "I capture what it's like, living with my cats". She is the Co-creator of Pinky Malinky on Nickelodeon!

Just take a look, More info: Facebook/ Deviant Art We've seen so many comics with cats... So here is another purr-fect comic of what it's like to live with cats and why we are so obsessed with them!