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Backmarks (1) are the mark on the Underside of a plate or item.

There is usually two marks- the Manufacturers mark and the Decorator mark.

Pieces from Japan were marked “Nippon,” the transliteration of the Japanese word for Japan. Customs required country names to be in English, and the word “Japan” was used instead of “Nippon.” Items marked “Made in Occupied Japan” were made between February 1947 and April 1952. According to experts on 19th- and 20th-century Japanese ceramics, the color does not help date a mark. There is no explanation for when other colors were used.

After 1915 the words “Made in…” were usually added. I have a dragonware tea set with a mark that is something like Noritake's wreath, only simpler, with the letter "T" and "Japan" underneath. This set was given to my grandmother prior to WWII by a tenant who was in the import-export business. The china is translucent and very pale pink and yellow under the heavier markings.

If there is only one mark (and it is the Manufacturers mark), the item was decorated elsewhere, either sold as whiteware and painted by the owner, or by a hand painting artist/ studio such as Stouffer or Pickard.

There are always exceptions, especially with Charles Field Haviland!

Does it make a difference if the mark is red, green, black or another color?

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