Dating a man recently released from prison

08-Jan-2018 22:32

Yet if she marries two of the men for life, she will become the matron of a state prison.Religion defines the issue The difference between a polygamist and the follower of an “alternative lifestyle” is often religion.

However, when that same person accepts a legal commitment for those partners “as a spouse,” we jail them.

(To read what she said at the parole hearing, see Brooke Adams’ blog entry here—it is a fascinating read).

She is concerned that Green may try to influence them with his religious views about polygamy (for a discussion on the legal issues of whether a father has a right to teach minor children about polygamy see my post here); however, Green claims that he has never tried to force his religious beliefs on this children.

If the court agrees to take the case, it would be forced to confront a 126-year-old decision allowing states to criminalize polygamy that few would find credible today, even as they reject the practice.

And it could be forced to address glaring contradictions created in recent decisions of constitutional law.

Turley’s article from the USA Today: Polygamy laws expose our own hypocrisy By Jonathan Turley Tom Green is an American polygamist.