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Cole, who just released the music video for his single "Green Auras." The song covers a host of private topics including his feelings about his famous father.

PHOTOS: Hollywood kids "Call me Gabe Day and not Gabe Day-Lewis," he raps.

Yet, last year, when one of Hollywood’s premier filmmakers suddenly came calling, Manville was skeptical.

Paul Thomas Anderson was seeking out Manville for a key role in his 1950s-set thriller about a fastidious fashion designer, named Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis), whose creative flow is upset by a spirited interloper (Vicky Krieps).

"I find out that I'm bipolar, now I wear it like a badge," he rapped.

Over the past four decades, Lesley Manville has established herself as a well-respected stage and screen actress in England—notably winning a 2014 Olivier Award (the British equivalent of the Tony) for her performance in Ibsen’s , and acclaim for her many collaborations with filmmaker Mike Leigh.

Gabriel's mother is French actress and singer Isabelle Adjani, so you might consider his musical sensibility hereditary, too.

The majority of their conversations occurred by phone call or text exchange (Manville said Day-Lewis does not use emojis—we asked) and encompassed every subject, from their characters’ family history, which they fleshed out, to everyday observations.“We just let our friendship take us into all sorts of areas of conversation—sometimes funny, sometimes cheeky, sometimes heartfelt,” Manville said. I guess we then relocated that to work with all sorts of other different restrictions and parameters.”Though Day-Lewis’s reputation precedes him—as an intensely method actor who stays in character through the entirety of filming—Manville said that she was not intimidated by her Academy Award-winning co-star.“He works the way he works."Cause if you're trying to call me out, I'm going to Gabe Day-Lose It! Judging someone for their dad is just as bad as being racist." Throughout the video, Day appears to be smoking weed, and even explains at one point with the lyrics, "self-medicated cause my heart and my throat hurt." PHOTOS: Star dad snapshots Day is the son of celebrated, gorgeous French actress Isabelle Adjani, whom the notoriously-private Day-Lewis had a relationship with for six years.Adjani famously spoke out against the actor, who she called a "Lothario" and "womanizer" to in 1996.I wouldn’t want to take my characters home with me, personally. We were trying all these clothes on and I thought, ‘Oh, well, these clothes are great.’ Little did I know he was only trying things on to see what shapes worked on me and what suited me.

But everyone works differently.”The meticulous costume fittings also helped inform Cyril, said the actress.“I had many, many, many, many costume fittings . But everything I wear in this film was made for me couture.

As he crowns himself early in his new music video, Gabe Day is a "bipolar stoop kid taking care of biz." But he's also the son of famed Method actor Daniel Day-Lewis, who recently won his third Best Actor Oscar for the title role in 2012's .

Dec 20, 2017. Daniel Day-Lewis handpicked Lesley Manville to play his screen sister and business partner in Phantom Thread. Manville but was a fan of her work, suggested the actress to play his on-screen sister, business partner, and roommate, Cyril, with whom Reynolds has a deeply co-dependent relationship.… continue reading »

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Dec 7, 2017. In an interview on The Howard Stern Show in 2012, Nick admitted that the reason he split up with Kim because she had lied about having a sex tape with. Julia Roberts and Daniel Day-Lewis were rumoured to have been in a relationship in the early 1990s, at the height of the media interest in Julia's.… continue reading »

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Jun 20, 2017. There was no specific reason given, but his spokeswoman, Leslee Dart, told Variety, “Daniel Day-Lewis will no longer be working as an actor. He is immensely grateful to all of his. Day-Lewis has won Oscars for My Left Foot, 2007's There Will Be Blood and 2012's Lincoln. His last movie will likely be.… continue reading »

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One of the most acclaimed actors in film history, Day-Lewis has earned numerous awards, including three Academy Awards for Best Actor for his performances in My Left Foot 1989, There Will Be Blood 2007 and Lincoln 2012, making him the only male actor in history to have three wins in the lead actor category and.… continue reading »

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