Czech men and dating

07-Dec-2017 06:38

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To answer your original question I have nothing against dating a person of different race but my personal experience tells me that it's a waste of time.

Eva Eva2, Thanks for sharing your personal experience.

I wish that were true but according to statistics there are two million girls missing in India due to selective abortions. I'm curious, if we factor out the cultural differences, leaving only the racial difference, would this seem a viable relationship for you (or any other Czech who cares to respond to this)?

To Speed: I appreciate your private message but I prefer to keep this debate in the open. Say for instance, your Ethopian hunk had been raised in Europe (perhaps even the C. How would this affect your perspective on having a long-term relationship with him or even marrying him?

So, perhaps my questions are about the prevailing cultural norms in the CR: how much role would the question, "what would people think if I am with a black man/woman" ( or "indian" , or "filipono" , whatever) play in your plans of going ahead on a date with a person of a different race? (soemthing like asian ok, but black not ok, etc.) as well ?

if you are Czech, do you think your answers will change depending on if you are living in CR or outside (e.g., do you think you would fell more comfortable dating a black man/woman when you are on a 6 month visit to say the U.

This is about basic attitudes toward sex and marriage.

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To me this shows that inter-racial relationships can work.

To Mike: I'm happy for your parents but in this context your remark is irrelevant.