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(Windows XP X64 PRo) If I remember correctly the reloaded cracks never work on x64... I happen to have "Media Player Classic" also known as: (a mkv player) I have version it doesn't even play the sound ?! At least winamp was able to sometimes play the sound... block internet access for Relic COH (I'm using zonealarm). mount NS-To V_DC_poseden in daemon tools lite 4.30.3 5. switch back to the game, 'continue' - Co H campaign unlocked. select one of OF campaigns, enter the serial, switch to desktop and mount NS-COHOF_SR-poseden 9 switch back to the game, 'continute' - cannot validate media :\ what's even worse, now every time I run the game it asks for OF disc, I tried mounting the NS-COHOF_SR-poseden but it cannot validate and I can only exit back to windows. If so go back to multiplayer and re-create the game this usually fixes. One tip: disable all network adapters except internet and hamachi. And just out of curiosity, what races are unlocked for LAN? I liked the game, and wanted to play online, so i bought COH Gold, and after 12 hours waiting for it to patch, i still can't make an account. disconnect your internet BEFORE you play the game which is you plus out anything that connect to the network like DSL, USP net connection and other. press play 3will ask you to put in a disk, so download a crack (option) 4. When prompted, make sure that you block THQ with windows firewall. It didn't work) Go to where the game has installed itself... It tells me a file in the temp folder is corrupt but since I'm running it on vista I can't find the damned file by entering the location on a windows browser. Brought the game but I actually had to download this cause the DVD was corrupted. thank you A little side note - I was in the mood for some nice RTS action and always wanted to try the Co H series and downloaded this one (being the latest) as trial. I already tried that yasu 1.6 and daemon tools lite... I am re-installing to fresh folder to see if that makes any difference... select the Co H campaign, enter the serial, switch to desktop and mount NS-Coh_DC-poseden 7. Hamachi, mini image (no crack), and we can't see each others games. anyway here is the rest of it: Only problem is sometimes people don't see games in the multiplayer game list. People are saying that account-creation is only for those who wants to play online, but right now, it looks like the only way around it is to create an account. same problem as holmimon it always tells me that i got a wrong disk i copied over the crack and the file i never had any problem with dowloaded (i dont have company of heroes 1 and 2 installed) Eugh, anyone wanting to buy this game should stop right there. look like i can help out, if you want to pass the login screen, here is the step you need to do: 1. The serial number is included in the download, on a 'read me' file. Copy BOTH files,(I first tried copying the COH icon. When asked to, just click 'yes to all', and you will be able to load the game. (You MUST have a recent copy of deamon tools lite installed) Kudos to him for figuring that out. I downloaded the game, but when I'm installing it, it gets up to 2% and tells me an error occured (error # 10212) and exits. listen closely: 1: Download the torrent 2: use Dameon tools, cd key is 3333-4444-1111-2222-ce13 3: DON'T USE THE CRACK 4: go into the game, it will tell you to install a patch to play (there are some maps avaliable in the update) 5: install it 6: When finished installing, unplug your router so your internet dies 7: Go into coh 8: It will ask you to confirm your cd is in 9: play I have It And It Works :) but i actually do have normal coh so i have to use the real CD otherwise it says "Please Insert The Company Of Heroes Tales Of Valor Disk" How can i use it without the disk?Sharing is caring and that is the only way to keep our scene, our community alive.Market’s Profound solution allows you to maximize your research budget by purchasing only the specific data you need.

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But it won't validate with any crack I try - just keeps saying 'wrong disc inserted'. I've tried various methods that seem to work for other people, but nothing works. Can this game be played online or is it impossible with illegal copies? All of these games can play singleplayer campagins, but I know very few will actually run on the game's official servers. For those of you having trouble unlocking ALL of the factions, from the original Company of Heroes, and opposing fronts, like Saxondale was having, i've finally found a solution. No that i am trying to do the installation on my pc i receive a message "Only one copy of the installer may run at one time. Downloaded the Reloaded COH & Opposing Forces torents; been playing both games no problem for several months now. I've downloaded it for 78percents and it stopped downloading. I use utorrent, and other torrents are going well, but this COH torrent just sitting on his ass waiting for a pancake.

It has nothing to do with registration over the internet. Now extract it, and mount all three of them in this order. I have and downloaded that TO CONTACT ME MY USERNAME IS "kyoaoshi289" just email me at that or my yahoo is "Evangelin [email protected]" "VIRTUAL DRIVE OR EMULATOR DETECTED". coh normandy unlocked but doesnt work on opposing fronts missions.

omg those people who came with the solutions b4, answer all these f***ing questions here's what you do for single plalyer ONLY! if you want to unlock the campaigns press the little padlock and put in the serials for the COH original (1):1111-2222-3333-3444-dbf3 COH Opposing Fronts (2 & 3): 4825-03cf-668e-1765-fd43 And thats all you do now good luck gaming single player people =) Good Torrent NO virus. got newest dd lite and mounted all three images in right order.

Then i isntalled the game back to C drive, but it didnt get rid of the message. Make sure you do the advanced uninstall and be sure to delete all the entries in your registry when it gives you the option as well as the folders. I should add that you may want to make a copy of your save files first.

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They should be located in [DOCUMENTS]\My Games\Company of Heroes\. After you reinstall the games you should be able to paste them back into the new location. I have a burning error in audio blank using Nero 6. Windows XP 5.1 IA32 Win Aspi: - ahead Win ASPI: File 'C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=, size=164112 bytes, created 10/26/2004 PMWe use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests.hello Im a Co H veteran and had Co H for a long time on my computer.I got an external hardrive now and it seems when installing games on it they run way much smoother. I've tried the same method I used for Oppossing Forces. I have used the reloaded-crack with validators and the rest, but it wants me to validate opposing fronts anyway. If it asks you where you got the game, just say you bought it. ) If you want to unlock ALL the missions, do exactly as LSD said on page 3.

Hello Im a CoH veteran. Company of heroes insert disc. First however do as RockmasteR suggested as far as insuring that your disc is not the problem.… continue reading »

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Same problem /shit as with Clone. and when i start the game i get up Validating Media.… continue reading »

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