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08-Jan-2017 10:46

Had a gig at some record Co., used to frequent Marilyn Manson fansites before she insinuated herself into the lives of those she idolized. He's an alcoholic and he used to be into drugs, too (have no idea about now) which is prolly why he screwed the groupie without a condom. It was pretty strange about Jennifer, she supposedly went up to Oakland to visit Keanu, after a long seperation. Mrs St John was suing Manson but the suit had to go away. The Matrix sequels were going to come out and the Christlike figure had to be completely clean.He asked her to get rid of it, she refused, and a fight ensued (any patron/employee at Chaya Venice restaurant that fateful night in '99 remembers it-it was a loud argument, no mistaking the topic, kids). 48 hours later, she died in a car knows what happened, she just lost control of the car. Funny thing is, Keanu has never mentioned her name, in any interview. Besides Marilyn Manson said someone had driven her home but she got in her own car and was out at 6 in the morning. Some people felt this way about Jennifer Syme but I'm sure Dave Navarro loved her.He should be sporting his long samurai hair and trimmed beard. Yes, sometimes it makes us sad to think of a friends death but it doesn't mean no one mentions their names.Since our friends are still in our memories they are still a part of our life and there is no need to shove the memory under the carpet.JS flipped when he didn't rush her to the altar, she thought she would be the junkie whore cinderella in this twisted fantasy, she thought she was holding the Golden Ticket in her uterus. He seems lowkey; not hungry for attention, or looking around to see if anyone is noticing him.[quote]I love the dataloungers (and people in the press) who give celebrities advice and ask what's happened to them. Ever occur to people like that to not read the thread, or do they just get a kick out of lecturing people who don't care? He seemed quite bewildered by the British humor in that interview(see you tube clips).She was pathetic, deluded, opportunistic, and when the man's paid lackeys finally got the situation under control, she spun out. The only "tragedy' is that all her wooonderful "friends" who supposedly loooved her ass soooo freakin MUCH didn't do a god damned thing to stop her from taking drugs while she was pregnant, OR from taking drugs the morning she spray-painted Cahuenga Blvd. Calling women "fraus" and the c-word in the abusive and belittling way in which DLers use these words is a form of abuse that is just as bad as the abuse heaped on homosexuals by the people at godhatesf* Your weekly Keanu News.: Does James Franco's Oscar Nomination Give hope to Keanu? I did adore that he was the only one that stood up for the sweet Irish singer that joined the panel near the end of the show. I never have thought Kenu was a great actor or artist but there is something about him that makes you watch when he's on screen. Hardly any bearding, low key, requiring very little attention; seems to have a sound set of friends outside the spot light; genuine enough.

If she was a slutty groupie I'm sure there were other men that could have impregnated her. 2 kinds of people around JS: ppl whose ass she kissed to get what she wanted, and her drugged-out "friends" who kissed her ass and used her. Took some superfantastic drugs, met/banged this trashy groupie(JS),(along w/ a few others, these 2 were by no means "exclusive")for a while, on and off, in 97-98..maybe for a little bit of 99, but by 99 he was pretty much tired of fucking her, had started to extricate himself from her sleazy ass when she dropped the bomb that she was knocked up. Over the course of 20 years I've seen him around town a few times. Nothing of interest to say at all and zero charisma - but I loved him back in Speed when he was like every gay man's fantasy boyfriend.I don't even like Keanu, but what evidence is there that he's a mess? He looks like a normal, relaxed guy walking down the street instead of a glamorous movie star? Ah, this is what some people thought of his "girlfriend"."She was a drugged out groupie (cocaine and Klonopin and some valium-like stuff found in her deathcar and in her system--not even her own Mom denies this.He'll be fine."Money doesn't always equal happiness in case you haven't noticed.