Chat sites similar to literotica

23-Feb-2017 13:10

I bet most of you spoiled fuckers will never understand the pain of downloading a picture or video back in those days and no wonder that sites like this quickly gained popularity, because it was either this or waiting for 30 minutes to see some naked chicks.

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Even listening to audio is possible, if you're too lazy to read!

C’mon, you’re looking up porn sites on The Porn Dude, you know you’ve got some fantasy in there that others would want to know about.

I think you won't find a site better than Literotica without paying money for a subscription - I'm sorry to say. Chat or rant, adult content.… continue reading »

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Wow. Just wow, wow, wow. Literotica is a free erotic fiction site that was founded in 1998 and where you can read user submitted sex stories, poems, essays and articles.… continue reading »

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Welcome to »Literotica Chat« To enter the room, please identify yourself below. Once you do, use the button on the bottom right to join the chat.… continue reading »

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Literotica a portmanteau of Literature and Erotica is a free erotic fiction… continue reading »

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Helping You Find New Free Porn Websites Easy.… continue reading »

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