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Kneeling beside a wall of flowers and caressing her belly, Beyonce stares straight at the camera wearing a maroon bra, blue undies, and a veil.

Following her Instagram teaser, Beyonce released a further 17 photographs featuring religious, royal, and maternal references on her website.

Thus until about 16 weeks gestation, most women had great difficulty in coming to terms with how their bodies looked or their body image.“Lisa”, below, represented her fear of looking like she’d let herself go because her jeans would no longer zip up.

By mid-pregnancy, women became more comfortable with their bodies.

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Here are 25 ways to enjoy the opportunities pregnancy provides so you can really savor this special time in your life.1. Never again will more people be so willing to help you. All he really needs is shelter, basic clothing, diapers, food and you.3. Invest in a couple of special maternity outfits, including some pretty lingerie. "Many of my clients find that pregnancy is the perfect time to grow out their hair, especially since they'll want an easy-to-care-for style when the baby comes," says Brenda Elliott, a stylist with Pro Beauty in Tucson, Ariz.Feminist writers have observed that Beyonce is the new “black Madonna”, a blessed figure of motherhood and a position that has been unavailable to women of colour historically.Her recent pregnancy photographs present this image.I like these photos because they are unconventional; they show women’s bellies from unusual angles and are about self-discovery and fun.

As pregnancy progressed, some women struggled with feeling like a public spectacle.She reportedly said to one of her followers: "Your mother is a whore because she taught you to speak to women that way." Despite the negative comments, several of her fans have voiced their support. Good luck" and follower ‘Nikolagarma’ said: "One of the most beautiful pictures that I have ever seen."User ‘l___a___123’ added: "That's how women should look."Jovana isn't the only mum-to-be suffering from online criticism - last month, actress Stephanie Davis hit back at fake baby bump claims with a sizzling bikini shot.For a brief moment last week, the headlines shifted from Trump to Queen Bey, who dropped the news of her twin pregnancy on Instagram in a post garnering nearly 10 million likes.“Joan”, below, felt like people always talked about the size of her belly – no one looked at her face anymore. Women anxiously waited for birth while they contended with competing anxieties about losing their baby weight.