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19-Dec-2017 23:42

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An example of stretch is during 2012 the FTSE director's got a 27% rise and the millions of people on minimum pay got 1.8% - the rich got £100,000's per annum, the poor got just over £200.In 2013 CEO's got 21% and those on minimum pay got 1.9% with similar sort of cash rise in the 'pay packet'. How is somebody in a country like this be living in the same inequality as us in UK?Even if we build 100,000 homes every year it still would not be enough for 300,000 extra immigration - also we know young Brits cannot get social housing any more.

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In early 1970's, I was trained by EITB (Engineering Industry Training Board) as a Mechanical Engineering Technician Trainee - and later as a Telecommunications Technician Trainee with PYE Telecom.

In the video I made the following chart for those bad at maths and to provide undeniable proof for corrupt people like those at the ONS. Many have blamed us 'old people' for voting out - but many of us 'old people' have seen what is happening over the decades.

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