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15-Jan-2017 11:25

I realized it was the hostel worker showing people the dorm. I had my free breakfast and went back to sleep (as usual).

I handled my business, and then went up to him and asked him for an extra blanket. We gave each other a look, but wasn’t sure if it was the “oh hey I am gay too look” or the “oh hey we accidentally caught each other looking at each other look”. I finally got out of bed and went to the lobby with my daypack and had planned to work on my blog a bit before heading out and exploring Cairo. he is cute, a local and I am pretty sure on my team”.

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If someone does you will be shamed from your family, be beat or could even be killed for being so.

Moments later he sat near me and asked me what I had seen of Cairo I mentioned not much. I packed up my stuff and got ready for a mini date through the streets of Cairo. outside of the hostel and he asked me what I wanted to do. I know I wanted to explore Cairo, but was not sure what to do or see. We had a tea and then he showed me around the back neighborhoods where you can see signs of the revolution.

He said, “we’ll start by visiting Tahrir Square and go from there”. We made it to the Square and he pointed out some key points from the revolution and he told me that he was there too fighting along the rest of the people. I asked so many questions and learned so much about it.

So for now I am going to enjoy this and cherish every minute of it while I can.

About 50 years old, Hagga lives in a simple flat in the chic Cairene quarter of Muhandisin. That is when the khaligin--the Gulf Arabs--invade the city looking for cool air and a hot time.We ended up having a beer along with some finger food and after a while of chatting decided to call it a night.His friend had a spare bedroom so we decided to take advantage of it.I know it may not sound amazing in writing, but for me it truly was.

Feb 17, 2011. 'Find her attackers' White House demands justice for CBS correspondent Lara Logan as she recovers at home from Egypt sex assault horror. 2007, about two years after her separation, she began a short-lived relationship with CNN correspondent Michael Ware, after which she began dating Mr Burkett.… continue reading »

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Jul 4, 2013. Human rights and women's groups have condemned the "horrific levels" of sexual violence against women in Cairo's Tahrir Square, with reports of 101 sex attacks amid the latest wave of protests that led to the toppling of Egypt's first freely elected president Mohamed Mursi.… continue reading »

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This dissertation explores the construction of social marginality of sex workers in colonial Cairo 1882-1952. The quantitative and qualitative change in sex work which took place in Cairo since the end of the. contacts among persons were reduced to a minimum in order to prevent contagion moreover, while clear.… continue reading »

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Sep 12, 2014. The Giza, Cairo's neighboring city, background, remains in darkness during a power cut as a boat sails along the Nile River, on Friday, Sept. 5, 2014. AP Photo/Hassan Ammar. Dating apps with location technology add a certain excitement to nightlife in many of the world's thrumming metropolises. But in.… continue reading »

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Sep 22, 2017. Why go now? It was once known as the Paris of the Middle East, and thanks to Egypt's National Committee for the Protection and Renovation of Cairo's Heritage, it's now easier to see why. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of former ruler Ismail Khedive's remodelling of Cairo in the style of the French.… continue reading »

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