Bulk updating multiple columns in oracle

04-Mar-2017 11:52

amount_tab(i)); END IF; END LOOP; SELECT cust_name "Customer", amount "Valid order amount" FROM valid_orders; SELECT cust_name "Customer", amount "Big order amount" FROM big_orders; SELECT cust_name "Customer", amount "Rejected order amount" FROM rejected_orders; CREATE TABLE formulas ( formula_no NUMBER(1), table_name VARCHAR2(30), equation CLOB); CREATE TABLE calc_results ( formula_no NUMBER, result_val NUMBER); INSERT INTO formulas VALUES (1, 'SERVERS', 'AVG(latitude)'); INSERT INTO formulas VALUES (2, 'SERVERS', 'AVG(longitude)'); INSERT INTO formulas VALUES (3, 'AIRPLANES', 'COUNT(DISTINCT customer_id)'); COMMIT; col equation format a50 SELECT * FROM formulas; DECLARE TYPE form_t IS TABLE OF formulas%ROWTYPE; form_a form_t; TYPE rset_t IS TABLE OF TYPE rslt_t IS TABLE OF calc_results%ROWTYPE; rslt_a rslt_t; c SQL_Cur INTEGER; cur_var SYS_REFCURSOR; BEGIN FOR tname_rec IN (SELECT DISTINCT table_name FROM formulas) LOOP BEGIN SELECT formula_no, table_name, equation BULK COLLECT INTO form_a FROM formulas WHERE table_name = tname_rec.table_name; END; DECLARE v SQL_Stmt CLOB; c Ret Val INTEGER; BEGIN v SQL_Stmt := 'SELECT '; FOR j IN 1 .. COUNT LOOP v SQL_Stmt := TRIM(TRAILING ',' FROM v SQL_Stmt); v SQL_Stmt := v SQL_Stmt
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If a triggering statement includes a column list, the trigger is fired only when one of the specified columns is updated. Optionally, a trigger restriction can be included in the definition of a row trigger by specifying a Boolean SQL expression in a procedure can be either a PL/SQL or a Java procedure that is encapsulated in a PL/SQL wrapper.You may see more than two if you reloaded the page several times and Apache allocated different processes to handle the PHP script.By default, persistent connections stay open until the Apache process terminates.Oracle automatically executes a trigger when a specified event takes place, which may be in the form of a system event or a DML statement being issued against the table.

The UPDATE statement changes the values of specified columns in one or more rows in a table or view. see Oracle Database SQL Reference.… continue reading »

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