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03-Jun-2017 20:48

She says, ” As a black conservative, I posit that the media has a vested interest in portraying all conservatives as racists and all liberals as open-minded when in my experience, that is not the truth.” I can’t help but agree with her because I know how slanted the media can be in their representation of a race, party,religion etc.

Such depictions remind me of the depiction of all northern states as completely against slavery and all southern states as rascist and pro-slavery, when in fact that was far from the truth.

Not only is the nation’s mindset evolving, but “the face” of America is also morphing.

fb_xd_fragment#xd_sig=f2bce2357873b9a& After learning from the previous article that race is no longer an issue in dating, I thought this article would be perfect to include in my blog.

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I think that Laura Noble’s comment regarding the depiction of conservatives raises a valid point.

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What are the best Cities/Countries for Black American Guys to find wives. I'm in Atlanta now, I was born and raised here, although i've had my share of white chicks, i think i would do better in the northeast or the west coast. Atlanta definitely isn't the best place for interracial dating by a long shot.… continue reading »

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Jul 6, 2014. I'm not sure why this hasn't been done before but here is our list of interracial friendly states, and cities. Point/Winston Salem, NC- I went to college in Greensboro and currently live there til I move to Austin, and in my experience, though it's not the worst place, it is most certainly not the best place. Most of.… continue reading »

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List of Cities Most Accepting of Multiracial / Interracial Families, ranked by the combined opinions of 1019 people as of February 2018. Add your votes to this ult. Honolulu is listed or ranked 1 on the list Cities Most Accepting of Multiracial. best TV shows33 people have voted onThe Best Animated TV Shows Since 2015.… continue reading »

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May 15, 2015. The topic of cities most accepting of interracial couples has been debated for many years now. Interracial couples who. Over the years, I have seen many lists of the best cities for interracial couples, but with a few exceptions, the cities on these various lists seem to regularly change. The likely reason for.… continue reading »

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Particularly the black male/white female combo? I know Florida, Texas and Virginia are definetly near the top of the list while cali/nj/ny are.… continue reading »

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