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16-May-2017 12:54

This can be an issue for an administrator who needs to know when was the last time a device was in use or in coverage, for being proactive in providing support to users, or being aware of users who are not using their devices for an extended period and wish to manage costs related to these activated devices.

cannot send or receive email, follow the steps below in the order given to determine the problem.

Metal body looks good, however you would need a case to prevent scratches.

bes last contact date not updating-12

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Does this time refer to the last time an email was sent/received to that user's handheld, or the last time there was some sort of communication (heartbeat or a simple check) between the BES server and the handheld? cmd=display KC&doc Type=kc&external Id=KB05137&slice Id=SAL_Public&dialog ID=98515435&state Id=0 0 98511685 I think they mention the "real" messages rather than status messages.

Its nt available even at MI store When ever we look for ordering its always like ' OUT OF STOCK' , "WILL NOTIFY WHEN AVAILABLE" ......