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21-Oct-2017 22:29

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If not properly handled a Beauceron can become quite assertive.A well behaved adult Beauceron is not overly hyper, however up until they are two to three years of age they can be extremely active and will require a great deal of exercise.Their ability to follow commands without hesitation was well utilized during both wars in Europe, where the military used them on the front lines to run messages.Beaucerons were also used to pick up trails, detect mines and support commando activity.

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It must be stressed that the Beauceron is not a dog for everyone.The North American Beauceron Club states that ‘They are without a doubt, one of the most intelligent breeds.The Beauceron is always ready to intervene in a situation, its stern appearance commands respect, and yet will keep calm and only intervene when necessary.’ These qualities are only surpassed by the breeds extreme sense of loyalty and its eagerness to please.Beaucerons are sociable with other dogs they know, but are territorial and will often not tolerate an intruder.

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