Badlands park ranger intimidating techniques

21-Dec-2017 02:04

Today (7/11/16), we headed into Virginia Beach to give Corban a look at the Atlantic Ocean.

We drove to the end of Atlantic street where there’s easy, free parking right on the beach front. You take 264 to where it turns into 21st street, then go right on Atlantic.

Their primary mission was to protect the settlers and travelers of the Mesilla Valley and San Augustin Pass from the Mescalero Apaches and other bands. Some of its march was along the famous Santa Fe Trail in New Mexico, near which carvings on large boulders and trees still gives mute testimony of the troops on the longest of all trails.

The location of the fort was an ancient Indian campground and a crossing point for Spanish caravans headed across the Jornada del Muerto ("Journey of Death"). At the outbreak of the Spanish–American War in 1898, the 8th Regimental Headquarters and six troops went by rail to Camp A. Forse, Alabama and sailed from Savannah, Georgia, for the island of Cuba for a four-year tour of duty to secure the peace.

The 8th Cavalry Regiment was constituted 28 July 1866 and was organized as a regiment on 21 September 1866 at Camp Reynolds, Angel Island, California.

The enlisted soldiers were "composed chiefly of men enlisted on the Pacific Coast, and included many of the class styled 'Forty-niners'; men who had worked months or years in the mines and were typical specimens of the roving order of citizens.

The duties during this period were of almost continuous field service by troops or detachments, scouting for Apaches and Navajo, furnishing guards and escorts. In May 1888, the regiment prepared for the longest march ever taken by a cavalry regiment.

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A campaign was organized to enter the Llano Estacado, the Staked Plains area of the Texas Panhandle, a favorite haunt of bands of Comanches and Kiowas. In 1905, the regiment was ordered to the Philippines with the assignment of defending the islands from guerrilla activity.The 8th periodically was engaged in the Apache Wars in southern New Mexico; in November–December 1877 Alsate's Mescaleros clashed twice with 8th Cavalry troops: on 30 November, companies A and K, rispectively led by capt. This time the troopers fought the rebellious tribesmen on the island of Mindanao and in the Sulu Archipelago.In the battle of Bansak Mountain in June 1913, a total of 51 members of the 8th Cavalry's Troop "H" joined other soldiers in a violent battle with hundreds of Moro warriors on Jolo.Posted by amybrailey under Advice, Historic Jamestowne, Jamestown(e), Nature, Photography, Travel, Virginia | Tags: Atlantic Ocean, Jamestown(e), John Smith, Photography, Pocahontas, Travel, Virginia Beach Parking | Leave a Comment After church yesterday (7/10/16) we decided to check out the sites at Historic Jamestowne.