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08-Oct-2017 12:54

"He couldn't wait to find out the baby's sex and he's chuffed that it's a boy.Sharon's sweet and from a normal Italian family.This was the final goodbye.''Last month, Cheryl's dog Coco, who she adopted with Ashley in 2006, sadly passed away. An insider said at the time: ''The dogs mean the world to both Cheryl and Ashley.''Cheryl, in particular, is attached to them and, in the place of children, would do anything for Buster and Coco.She doesn't want to lose them.''They want to sort this out as amicably as possible.

The former England player, who is currently playing for AS Roma, is said to be over-the-moon about becoming a father.Sonia Wild The glamour model, 28, claimed earlier this month how she received explicit photos of Cole and sex texts from a pay-as-you-go mobile phone in June 2009.But he denied her claims and said the photos were sent by another person after he got rid of the phone.Ann Corbitt The 28-year-old American local government worker claims to have had sex with Cole in a Seattle hotel during Chelsea’s US tour in July 2009.

A senior executive at Chelsea Football Club is said to have been misled into offering her advice on how to silence allegations over Cole’s alleged infidelity.During his peak time (when he was associated with Chelsea) his weekly earning was around £120,000.However later on his weekly salary dramatically decreased and now hardly making ,000 USD.He has also featured in over 100 games for the England national team from 2001 to 2014.