Accommodating learning style

01-Feb-2018 15:36

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Kolb's model for learning styles can be visualized by thinking of two lines intersecting at right angles.

The points on the horizontal line constitute the ways we do things whereas the points on the vertical line emphasize the way we think about things.

They would be operating in a reflective mode, generating theories about each possible long term arrangement.

They will gladly do the research and craft theories as to the plausibility of each solution.

This would come form the Diverging group, those who gather information and can understand different perspectives.

Perhaps in their task list, a perspective might have been overlooked.

Accommodating doing and feeling - CE/AE. The Accommodating learning style is 'hands-on,' and relies on intuition rather than logic. These people use other people's analysis, and prefer to take a practical, experiential approach. They are attracted to new challenges and experiences, and.… continue reading »

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Feb 20, 2011. 2 Learning Cycle; 3 Learning Styles; 4 The Relationship between the Learning Styles and the Learning Cycle; 5 Online Learning Environment; 6 The Critique. Simulations should be as close to the real experience as possible to make it engaging for the converging and accommodating learners.… continue reading »

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May 29, 2000. Kolb's learning theory sets out four distinct learning styles, which are based on a four-stage learning cycle. In this respect, Kolb's model differs from others since it offers both a way to understand individual learning styles, which he named the "Learning Styles Inventory" LSI, and also an explanation of a.… continue reading »

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Each learning style represents a combination of two preferred styles. The diagram also highlights Kolb's terminology for the four learning styles; diverging, assimilating, and converging, accommodating Doing Active Experimentation. - AE. Watching Reflective Observation. - RO. Feeling Concrete Experience - CE.… continue reading »

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Clicking on any of the combinations will get you to a more thorough description for the learning style as well as methods of accommodating that learning style. Kolb's model not only provides a framework for learning styles, but also highlights the cycle of learning that ideally would occur as a learner encounters a new idea.… continue reading »

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