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16-Feb-2018 16:46

Reply Perhaps you should have considered child support before marrying someone who was paying child support to two different women. I hope you aren’t able to claim “injured spouse” or better yet, maybe you will owe the IRS.

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A year after the 3rd was born he found out it wasn’t his. One doesn’t work and her husband works three jobs to afford her spoiled brat lifestyle.I’m his second wife and he’s got two children from a previous marriage. The custodial parent, ex-wife, gets 60% of his net income for two children.She lives 9 hours away so we get the children on long breaks, summers, etc. Two whole pay checks plus part of another go straight to her!That way they can’t screw him even more with their back child support that was just ridiculous. I read an article of this greedy chick asking online of she is able to receive her ex husbands wife’s tax return to intercept it for her back child support she needs apparently.

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